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Now Booking 2024 & 2025 Weddings & Elopements

Whether you're classic or eclectic, your story looks best on film.

Soulful Imagery

If you like vibrance, color, and grain then I am the gal for you. I take a photojournalistic approach to my photography and it's imperative to convey life in my photos. You heard that right- I want to feel like the photo has a soul. 

 All the little details.

Dress, shoes, rings, florals, tablescapes, and just about anything else you can think of...

Everything is better on film.

I shoot on 35mm and Medium format (120) film in addition to digital. I find elopement and portraiture photography far more elite on those beautiful film crystals that will not only aid in creating a perfect exposure, but consistently give quality that will last a lifetime. I started dipping my feet in the film world in 2020 and never looked back. There is a raw texture film images give you that digital can only achieve in post-production (if that- and even so, it doesn't come close). If you like grain, crispness, and double exposures, then hit my line, baby!


These photos are going to be with you forever and seen generations down the line. Choosing the right person to photograph these moments is such a crucial step in the wedding process. I make sure all my clients get pristine planning, execution, and cohesive structure each time they book with me. Let me create some art with you.

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