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Hello and Welcome! 


I am so glad you're here. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mariah Russek-Pollock and I am a self-taught photographer for over 7 years. I went to school for fashion merchandising but stayed on the creative side of fashion. I would conduct DIY studio photoshoots with friends and edit their picture onto fashion magazine spreads (a girl can dream). Every silly little project I did throughout college in turn helped inspire me to strive for beautiful portraiture. And the story continues from there. 


I started my journey specializing in portraiture and lifestyle photography taking press photos for indie songwriters earning publications in Billboard Magazine, NPR, among others. I made the jump to weddings at the beginning of 2023 after searching for more meaning in my work. I married my husband David in 2023 and in turn fell in love with the excitement and joy that a wedding day brings. I loved the feeling of being seen and heard during my wedding day and trusting someone to document one of the most important and meaningful days of my life. From then on out, I knew that I wanted to be a service to someone’s life- to document a day and preserve their memories for the end of time. 


In my free time you’ll see me reading some sort of autobiography/biography/memoir, scrapbooking, cooking, taking walks, hanging out with family/friends, and snuggling our sweet son Pepperjack- our 3 year old tabby cat. You’ll catch me sneaking my Olympus XA rangefinder out of my purse to take photos practically anywhere and everywhere I go. I’m challenging myself to learn how to develop my own film this year! 


I guess one good thing came out of the pandemic was my interest in film. This wasn’t the first time I picked up a film camera but it was the time in which I could take it seriously and experiment with trial and error. At one point, all the world had was analog photography. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents’ wedding photos were all taken on film. It’s proven to stand the test of time. Film is forever and it’s not going away.  When I tell you everything is better on film, you better believe me!


If you take a look at my wedding packages, some type of film is included in each. I shoot on 35mm, 120 (medium format), and Polaroid film. I love the depth and texture of a film photo- something a digital photo cannot replicate and even in post production it doesn’t come close. Film transports you straight into a 60’s cinematic still, a 70’s fashion magazine, or an 80’s pharmaceutical advertisement. The fashion of those times may be outdated but the photography is not. Film has a timeless look. Also those examples respectively may or may not be my ultimate creative inspirations (they are). 


With my love of film integrated into my love of portraiture, I hope to create a moving experience for you that allows for me to best capture your personality and the genuine atmosphere of your wedding day. It’s imperative that you be as present as you can on your big day. Relax and enjoy yourselves while I’ll do all the heavy work. 


I would be absolutely honored to create art with you and document your day. Let’s chat more about your vision.

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